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PAY Invoice

Hi my name is Jeff Bennett. I am the owner/operator of JB'S Home Improvement. In 2014 I started working in the construction industry. Specifically, in the area of whole house remodels. I have learned on the job and really enjoy the work. (I am given the opportunity to transform a project, house, or yard)

 My goal is to offer a service that provides a high end result with a mid-market price. Through my experience, collaboration with others in the industry (bringing decades of experience), and a great network of highly experienced pros; we produce fantastic results.

 Here is why we stand out: I care. We are detail oriented. We are customer service driven. I take personal responsibility to make sure your project is done timely, properly, and within budget.

"Coloradan's Choice For Contracting"

Integrity. Quality. Empathy.
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